Jukka-Pekka Keisala

Hi there, 👋

I closed my weblog in January as I haven't written for it a long, long time.

I will create a new website/blog during 2019 but first I need to figure out what should I do here. However, meanwhile you can reach me from Twitter at https://twitter.com/jpkeisala/ or contact me by mail or phone below.

Kind regards,

Contact me

Email: jp@jpkeisala.com

Phone: +45 42400965

Update, 24 Mar 2019:
I started to build my new site on Nuzt.js using Firebase as a storage. It will be Open Source "micro" blog.
Update, 30 Jan 2019:
I have had couple of questions about my old Sitecore and other coding related posts, I will restore them somewhere and link them to here.