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Kubernetes learning resources

This list is for my own reference.


Supervisor – Load test your website speed – Migrate existing apps to Kubernetes without code changes


Borg: The Predecessor to Kubernetes

Cloud native computing foundation – CNCF

Cloud Providers K8 wrappers:

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

AWS Fargate

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

Red Hat Ceph Storage

Heroku – The Twelve-Factor App – The twelve-factor app is a methodology for building software-as-a-service apps

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Best practices for operating containers

Immutable infrastructure in the age of Kubernetes

Google Cloud Run – Develop and deploy highly scalable containerized applications on a fully managed serverless platform.


Minikube – Local Kubernetes cluster

K3s – Lightweight Kubernetes

Kind – tool for running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container “nodes”

Skaffold – Skaffold handles the workflow for building, pushing and deploying your application

Helm – Dynamic Go-templates. Helm is the best way to find, share, and use software built for Kubernetes.

Kustomize – Kubernetes native configuration management

Kubernetes Slack

Kubernetes Github

Lens – Lens is the only IDE you’ll ever need to take control of your Kubernetes clusters. It’s built on open source and free. Download it today!

Kubernetes Podcast – Google

Terraform module to create an Elastic Kubernetes (EKS) cluster and associated worker instances on AWS 

Kubernetes the Movie

Kubernetes cartoon

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